Been Awhile Again

Well….. I am back! Don’t know for how long. But for tonight I am. Still been dealing with some health stuff. I have been getting in trouble a little here and there but we have pretty much not been practicing because of my health. Well I guess he has had enough of that. Because tonight he had me over his knee with the belt and the red stick. Luckily I am out of practice and still not feeling great, so I couldn’t take that much. 

I don’t know why all of the sudden he feels it’s ok to punish me, when he hasn’t this whole time I have been sick. I don’t know why or what got into him. But he said he is not going to let his property do what she wants. I understand him feeling that way, but really I have been as good as a girl like me can be. I am really as close to good girl perfection as I can be. I guess he doesn’t agree. 

Until next time …. bye!


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