Been awhile

I haven’t posted in awhile. Life has been pretty crazy these last few weeks- its all kind of a blur. 

We haven’t really been practicing our lifestyle much, been too busy and my health has been really bad. I have a spine problem that requires surgery, then ended up getting blood clots in my leg, and now I am off and on sick all the time. 

On top of that, I am working trying not to mess up my job too bad while dealing with this. Then he started his own business full time. He has been working 10-14 hours a day. Add kids on top of that and the final cherry- my sister was diagnosed with cancer and given 6 months to live- so she decided to move to a state where pot is legal. 

So, as you can see: really bad month. 

He told me to blog with what has happened in the last two weeks ; that’s all I can really think of. 


4 thoughts on “Been awhile

  1. I’ve had 3 spine surgeries – I sympathize with you. Two mini diskectomies which failed and then a spinal fusion which healed me. I did need two or three injections following, but it all turned out great. If you do need the surgery be sure to get a 2nd opinion and find a good surgeon who’s done lots of them. Spanking may be out for quite some time and you may need physical therapy. I’m so sorry about your sister. Sending hugs to you.


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