Nightly sessions are going to get old fast

So I am going to bed restrained tonight with a sore bottom. Every night of this is going to be really hard. Guess I am going to have a leather butt by the end of this grounding. Lol. 

Even though my butt is getting super sore, I know he does this to protect me from me. He loves me, and I love him so much. I adore him and just looking at him takes my breathe away. I can’t imagine life without him, even a day away from him is tough. He is my world. 

I need to get better at being good, I need to not have a sore butt and regrets daily. 


3 thoughts on “Nightly sessions are going to get old fast

  1. He is blessed having you and you are blessed having Him. Even though there might be some quite tough love dealt from a Master/Daddy/Dom/Top to His bottom/brat/little/sub it is in the better casem and yours seems to be that, expression of a deeply devoted care for your best interest. Yes, that kind of love hurts, but it is a much needed life lesson! good for you to learning from it. #StrictMotivation


      1. I know it sucks, and thats the whole point, but afterwards you will feel so much better and also stronger and your resolve to stay on His good side will be so much stronger than temptation. I know it aint easy though. #StrictMotivation


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