Yikes- shit just got real

Wow!! So I messed up really bad. Now he gave me a super bad punishment plan after talking to his stupid mentor!

I am grounded until MARCH! I start with 3 minutes of timed spankings every day and based on my behavior for the day I can earn less or more. I have corner time every day! I also have writing assignments each week or a household task. I also have a boot camp one Saturday a month for three months. 

Today was my first day of this. I had to get yesterday and today’s at once. So 6 minutes. 

I lied, was disobedient, stole, and broke his rules.  I used some money that wasn’t mine to buy Christmas presents and he found out. Now I am suffering the consequences. Guess it’s going to be until spring before I am sprung.  Lol


3 thoughts on “Yikes- shit just got real

  1. accept your punishments with grace, for it is a grace to be punished for the list of transgressions you made. yes they suck, and thats the point. very happy you have a Sir in your life who hits the breaks before the train wrecks hard. #StrictMotivation


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