Confession time – big trouble

Big trouble! I was laid across the bed with that stupid strop across my butt repeatedly and he said he knew I was being bad and he was going to continue until I confessed. 

So I did. I told him every little tiny rule break and big rule break I have gotten away with over the last month. I just got 400 swats! And 1600 more to come over the weekend. 

Omg! I told him I don’t know if I can take it. He held me and cuddled me and told me I will take every one. 


Back from my break

Well due to the holidays and all the guests that come with them; I got a break for awhile. Yay!

That break just ended. He even used the razor strop. I am tired now and ready for a nice night of sleep. 

I want to save the world one broken person at a timeĀ 

I embraced this Christmas and tried to divide time between all families. Don’t want to leave anyone out , but it’s tough going so many different directions in different places. While at one family Christmas there was a distant 3rd cousin there of his that I had never met. She was 17 and just looked sad and withdrawn. 

After awhile I got her to talk to me and heard her super sad story. She is definitely broken. I just wanted to take her home and fix her. I know that look in her eyes and I just want to rescue her. I feel super sad as I think what this little girl has been through. Now she is going down what could be a pre-determined path if someone doesn’t help her see another way. I have such a busy life where it feels like I already disappoint people from not being able to divide our time into enough pieces. 

Back injury

Well, I always try to find a bright side to everything. So the bright side to my  back injury is that I could only take about 8 swats before I just couldn’t take it anymore. 

Yay for a back injury. Lol!

Hectic Sunday

We had a super hectic day, lots of different family needed us today. After a long day of running around we came home and watched the football game. I love that no matter what is going on in our lives we always have fun when we are together. I love him so much. 

What I don’t love is these damn daily spankings. Tonight’s was short but effective! My back was hurting so the spanking washout but my bottom is so sore from these daily spankings, he could blow on my ass and it would hurt. 

Rule breakers get spanked

That’s what he told me. I tried to sneak a little peak at Facebook while grounded and got straight busted. Ouch! Was that a tough lesson. 

I got spanked with the rubber paddle until I cried. And then followed up with some razor strop just to sink it in. Ouchie! Ouchie! Ouchie!

Christmas party

We went to his Christmas party tonight and had so much fun.  We went and gambled afterwards. Then home to bed. But before bed I got my nightly spanking. These nightly spankings really suck. I can’t wait till I am done being grounded. 

I guess next time I go out of town I should be on better behavior. 

Catch up

So, I haven’t got my grounding spankings for a few days and I guess he decided to play catch up tonight. 

Restrained, blindfolded, and spanked till I cried. Yikes. 

Ex’s suck!

Today my ex husband called me from a hospital being held on a phsych hold. He also called my kids threatening to commit suicide when he is released. Needless to say, it’s been a long day. Addiction really gets ahold of people, and it hurts everyone in its path. 

Feelings of guilt and protection of my children are kicking in. The protection feeling far outweighs the guilt. I am ready to fight the world to protect my children no matter how old they are. 

Trouble again

Dang, this grounded with daily spankings is really getting old. I just got spanked with my ankles and hands restrained. Red stick, razor strop, some rubber paddle, and the wooden bath brush. 

Luckily he let me pleasure him afterwards and then he pleasured me. 

I love him so much, he is my soul mate.