Sunday spanking

We had a great 4 day weekend, and I have not been spanked all weekend, and then BOOM! He needed to remind me that I am grounded and supposed to be spanked every day. 

He told me to get in position. I asked to not get spanked and he told me not to even try it. I knew he was serious so I tried to not argue at all. He tied my feet down, while I was face down in the bed with my hands pinned under me and my collar on. 

I don’t know what tools were used when, I just know that there was a fire flurry on my ass. He used this hard plastic stick that is the width of a ruler but thicker and longer then a ruler. It’s made of really hard plastic. He also used this rubber paddle thing, wooden bath brush, and the razor strop. 

After my spanking, we made love. It was amazing and I loved every bit of it. He makes me feel so loved and I love him so much. I tried to accept my spanking and get it over with so we could get to the good stuff. 🙂


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