Daily spankings

I will be blogging more often I guess. I am still in trouble and have to share it with you, because he tells me to blog after I get spanked. I think maybe he thinks that it is embarrassing or something when I have to describe when I get in trouble. 

Tonight I just got tied to bed, ass oiled, and spanked with the red thick plastic stick and the razor strop. I am still wearing my collar and my feet are still tied to the bed. I was told that last week was the last wild week I will ever have. 

Guess I am in for a long month. 


6 thoughts on “Daily spankings

  1. If it helps comfort you, we, your fellow subbies, have been through many punishments at the hands of our Masters. I was kinda lucky as mine wasn’t cruel or ill intended but he still had a heavy spanking hand. I hated it sometimes too. I did love being tied up tho! Sending you support.


  2. I find your writing about the punishments and techniques quite detailed at times but I don’t believe I’ve seen you describe the reassurance, acceptance, aftercare, comfort and forgiveness that follows. Perhaps if you wrote about that also you would be more able to come to terms with the idea and better serve out your time?!?


      1. I find that when I write something one sided I’m left feeling that way. Documenting both sides of the story let’s me focus on the good parts too and helps to maintain my balance.


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