Back in town- super big trouble

Well I came back in town from being gone for a week. I made really bad decisions while gone, and now I am super big trouble. 

I drank, I went out with strangers and partied, I lied and just basically broke every rule he has. I just needed to let loose for a bit. Now that I am home I am regretting it. He said that I am grounded for a month to my bedroom. I cannot leave his side without permission. I will get spanked every day I am grounded. He said he will be giving me training in respect. I am not allowed to play on my phone,or watch tv. I am going to be bored and spanked for the next month. 

I got spanked pretty bad today, he even brought out the belt which I haven’t had to deal with in a long time. He tied me down and spanked me with the bath brush, red stick, razor strop, and belt. Then I pleasures him without being allowed to cum. 

He said his goal is for me to not be able to sit well for a month. I feel bad that I went wild, I just got in this mindset that I was away from him and could do as I pleased. I was wrong and I feel regretful. 


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