Different day – different attitude

So we had a pretty rough day yesterday. Today he said that he would not let us be vanilla any longer. Based on my attitude I got big trouble today. 

I don’t know if any of you have ever experienced a razor strop, which is a very thick  leather strap. Usually they are two thick leather strips with a handle. My master oiled the leather, used shoe goo the glue the two flaps together and then cut it so it looks like a super super thick leather paddle. It is not a nice thing to get spanked with.  

So for this punishment he put baby oil on my bottom, and then spanked me for a bit with this hard plastic red stick thing he has. He then spanked me with the bath brush for awhile. Then he gave me 100!!! With the razor strop. I was in tears by the end. It takes a lot to put me to tears. Ouch. For this entire day I was not allowed to leave the room he was in without permission. 

Needless to say,I tried real hard all day to be good.  


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