I just got spanked for not being submissive enough and for not following his rules. 

That bath brush was viscous tonight. My butt is on fire. He tells me that he is going to be training me daily to be submissive, and then will give me any punishments I earned. 

I am going to bed with a sore butt. I will try to be better tomorrow. 


3 thoughts on “Ouchie

  1. I imagine you know what the rules are but you seem (and this might just be my mistake here but) to not really know what he means by ‘submissive enough’. Have you been able to ask for specific examples to help you better understand. If you had a better idea of what he meant you would have a better chance of becoming more submissive in a way which he approves.
    In your recent posts you just seem to not really know what that is that you’re missing …. you seem confused as to what to do about it. If that was the case for me I would respectfully ask for some clarification.


    1. Good observation, and you are correct about my confusion. He has been clarifying lately. It’s just really hard because what he is asking is hard for me to achieve. I guess a challenge is always good 🙂

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      1. Challenging yourself for the better is certainly a good thing. Perhaps it’s those difficulties you could/should be writing about.
        It might give you both clarity, I find it does for me. Sometimes I don’t know what the real issue is, or see a possible solution until after I have written it down. Not sure why that works for me but it might be worth a try? Either way communication is always a must …. best of luck!


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