Not acting submissive

He told me I am not acting submissive and to post about it. Here is my problem, I don’t really agree. Obviously I am being super good. I haven’t been in trouble for weeks. If I was being bad, I would be In trouble. 

See my point?


2 thoughts on “Not acting submissive

  1. Have you asked what your Sir meant by that? Just an observation but he had asked you to post about it. As his submissive you obviously want to please him and meet his needs. I wondered if you felt that your post does that? It is hard when we don’t agree about something but I try to think about it from Sir’s point of view and that often helps. Being submissive is not just about following the rules he has set down for you, it is also about actively submitting to him. I hope that you don’t mind me commenting and I don’t mean to be critical. I thought you were looking for a response and I have been in the situation before where I didn’t agree with something Sir said but I have realised that if I look at it submissively then I often get a different answer. We also talk a lot which helps so that I can understand what he wants and what his expectations are.


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