I feel I need to explain my posts lately. I hate that I have been writing from a dark place lately. I wanted this blog to be fun and frisky, and it has turned into my therapy lol. 

I think it’s because I have to blog daily, it makes it really difficult to not give you the good, the bad, and the ugly. When I am going though something I am told to write. 

I will try to be more fun and frisky in my writings moving forward. 


2 thoughts on “Explanation 

  1. I think many of us use our blogs to sort through and work out whatever happens to be going on in life. If it helps you to sort out and feel better in the long run than I don’t think you have anything to explain or worry about!
    I’m going to guess that your DOM like mine requires the writing in order to know what’s going on in your mind so that He might better be able to care for you. Turning it into ‘fluff and stuff’ would be no help at all.
    IMO I think you should write just what you need and when, I always find it helps me. Good Luck!


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