So much to do

I swear my weekends are more packed then workdays. I always seem to bite off more than I can chew. 

Yesterday I went shopping with my daughter, I had permission to go. Afterwards I also had permission to go to Starbucks. Here is when I messed up. I drove the wrong way and ended up in a further part of town. So I wasn’t where he thought I was going to be. He has a location app on my phone, so he knew right away. Then I saw a yard sale and stopped. Well to make a long story shorter; he was not pleased. 

The good news is he was mad and lectured me, but let me talk him out of the spanking and let me off with a warning. I am feeling super lucky right now! He said if I mess up again though, it will be big trouble. Big trouble in our relationship means that he spanks me till I cry. This might not sound brutal, but it is. It takes a lot for me to cry during a spanking. Believe me, I try to cry during those punishments. I want to cry and get it over with, but for some reason i just can’t. I can fake cry and I try to do so, but He knows now when I fake cry. So, big trouble is really not fun at all. 

I did so much other stuff yesterday and today I have a very jam packed day ahead of me. Let’s hope I can manage to keep my precious butt out of big trouble today. 


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