Spanked and in trouble

Well last night I got spanked pretty bad. I guess I had it coming since I haven’t really got spanked for a couple of weeks. 

I have been doing as I please and disrespectful, I also did something I know that I am really really not allowed to do. But when I did it, I just didn’t care. 

So last night, I had to pull down my shorts and lay face down in the bed with my hands pinned under my stomach. He spanked me with the bath brush and the red stick for a long time. He kept alternating and just when I thought we were done, he start again with the other tool of ass destruction. So I cried and and was made to read each of his rules out loud and tell him why I think the reason for that rule. There were a couple I didn’t agree with and one I don’t even think he understands the reason for, but we did talk about them. I then went to sleep. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get woke up with a spanking, he said it could happen. Luckily we were both tired and I didn’t get in trouble again. 

#domesticdiscipline #bdsm


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