Happy anniversary 

So today is our 3 year anniversary being dedicated to solely each other. Our story is a bit non-traditional. The way we met is like a crazy episode of Jerry springer lol.   Let me share our twisted story:

I was in a 17 year vanilla marriage that I was very miserable in. I was loyal and faithful for 16 of those years. The final year I just one day decided that I wanted to actually feel again. I had become numb and was very unhappy. Previous to my vanilla life I had lived a very non vanilla life. I craved this type of relationship and lifestyle. So I found and became part of a relationship with a Dom and his wife. I fell very deep in love with her, not so much with him. I had love for him, but not in love with him. She was the first woman I had been with and I was so smitten. I left my husband and moved in with them. 

After months of living together I was told about both of their exes. Ends up they were all swingers and her ex and his ex left both of them for each other and then they married. So it was a true wife swap. Any ways, they shared children together and after awhile I met the exes. Life moved on and the relationship developed. Then one day she informed me that they would be bringing a fourth person into the relationship. I was so angry. She then told me it was her ex husband. He was leaving his wife (whom was her current husbands ex wife) and joining our household. I said many mean things and at the time my master told me I didn’t have a choice, I would make this new addition feel welcomed. 

So her ex husband moved in. He was vanilla in the sense of the dd/bdsm lifestyle and he thought I was a bit twisted for being part of it. Anyways him and I after awhile become very good friends. We then became best friends. We then became lovers. We then committed all in to the 4 way relationship. We then fell in love. 

Well during our blooming romance, the problem of 4 people having a relationship came into play. I really don’t know what I was thinking about his one. But- we tried to make it work. Jealousy came into play. She became jealous of me, he became jealous of her, and so on and so on. Her and I had agreed through all of it, that no matter what ever happened it would be her and I if a decision ever had to be made. 

After many jealousy arguments her ex husband couldn’t do it anymore. He left. It was so hard to lose him and I was devastated and so was he. 

After a couple weeks of grieving him leaving, and me having a poor attitude One night my master at the time and me had an argument. I drove away to cool down. When I came back him and I started to argue. She wanted his attention and became so jealous that he gave me too much attention and focused on me. She then told him that he needed to release me and broke it off. Within a few days they decided to move away to another state. I was now heartbroken and moved in with my sister. 

Me and her ex husband still talked and remained best friends. We still loved each other very much. We talked over the phone as he lived one state away. Until finally one day we both expressed that we were very in love with each other and couldn’t just be friends. 

3 years ago today- he moved in with me and decided that he wanted to not only be with me and only me for the rest of his life- he decided her wanted this type of relationship. He wanted to own me and protect me and love me. He acquired a mentor and learned and still learns how to own me.  He adores me and makes me feel loved and treasured every day. He holds open doors for me, orders my food for me, holds me, protects me and loves me like no one ever has. He tells me all the time that I am his treasure and he treats me like it. 

He also disciplines me and is very strict with his rules. But I know he does it out of love and even though our story is so non traditional – our love story is one that keeps going. I am thankful and appreciative to be his. 

If you are reading this my best friend, my lover, my master, and my soul mate: I love you and feel lucky for the past 3 years and the future lifetime together we will share. 


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