Big trouble last night

I got a big spanking last night. I am not allowed to play on my phone and was supposed to be asleep. I used my phone and thought he was asleep. He usually sleeps so deep. He woke up quietly and without me knowing, he watched me break his rules. I went to sneakily put my phone on the night stand and three fast swats landed. It startled me and my heart sank because I knew I was in for it. He told me to get in position and he took out the rug beater and the razor strop. He spanked me with both. Then he handed me a pen and paper and made me write sentences. 

After sentences I went over his knee. He put baby oil on my bottom so I could take more and it stings worse. He spanked me with the bath brush 75 times, then the red stick 75 times, then the razor strop at least 100. I was crying my eyes out. I was told to go to sleep immediately which I did. Today I was not allowed out of his sight. He said the other half of the spanking will still happen. Yikes! Lesson learned. 


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