Better day

Well after my blog last night we had a long conversation. I think we saw each other’s point of view. I think this helped us both bring down some of our walls or at least understood the reason for the walls we didn’t bring down. 

Today was an emotional day, since our family is dealing with some loss. We are going to have to support each other and work through it together. 

As for me being in trouble…. Well you might find this hard to believe : I am in trouble again. I am not sure if I am just to much of a brat or if his rules are just too strict to follow. But either way- I can’t seem to keep myself out of trouble. 


4 thoughts on “Better day

  1. I’m glad you got to talk things out, I find it always helps! 🙂
    As to the rules/following them, well I’m not sure if you were asking or just stating but … perhaps having a conversation about the ones you are having trouble with would be a good start also? I find if I understand why the rule is important to Sir I am much less likely to break it. Also, if He knows why I am having trouble with it He can help by adjusting it or imposing other actions to help along the way. Just a suggestion … 🙂


    1. Thank you. I appreciate the suggestions. I have expressed concern with the ones I am having a hard time with. He basically just tells me that those are his rules, and if I break them I will be in trouble. Grrrrr.

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