Strange day

I got spanked in the bathtub today,and had a rough morning. The afternoon was good though. 

It started when he woke up cranky today and yelled at my son. I got mad because he was snippy to my baby. He went out to mow the lawn to calm down and I got in the bath. When he came in, I was still mad. So we both had an attitude, but my attitude resulted in him telling me to get on all fours in the tub and then he spanked me with the rug beater. On a wet butt – it is a yikes!

Needless to say I had no choice but to try and get a better attitude. I gave him his birthday present early and then we went to lunch. Had a good lunch with the kids and him,then went shopping and got a couple new outfits. Yay! So fun. Problem there is that I went over the budget he gave me. So he said I will be getting in trouble for that later. 

We went home, made love, took a long nap and now we are cuddled up in bed. So started bad- ended good. Guess that’s a day in the life of a brat 🙂


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