Long  day

As I sit here, just getting into bed and dreading the spanking I am about to get, I am thinking about my day. 

It started first thing this morning, he blew up about dishes that didn’t get put away after I had a very sleepless and rough night, that always is a tough start. Then a problem with work before I even got there. Then all day work was dealing with issue after issue. Tonight we had major problems with one of our kids. Then another worry with a different one of our kids. Long day!!!!

Now I am just tired. I just want sleep. No stupid spankings, just sleep. I want to reset myself.  I am really in this state of stress and upset. Not calm and happy like I enjoy being. I have been just emotionally upset all day. Now there is no way that getting spankeon top of all this is going to help. I JUST WANT SLEEP!


2 thoughts on “Long  day

  1. I know, honey, sometimes it’s just a pain (no pun intended) to get a spanking. Not because it will hurt, but because you are tired or just stressed or just too busy.
    However, sometimes, doing something that can be so routine like a spanking can have a calming effect. Especially if you’ve had a chaotic day. It will ground you. And though you are tired, I think you will appreciate the spanking because you know it is done out of love.

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