Monday blues

After spending the entire weekend together, Monday’s always suck so bad. We always miss each other and Monday’s just overall are never my favorite day. 

I got spanked this morning right when I woke up. I hit snooze without permission which makes me late. So I got spanked with that stupid freaking strop. Needless to say, I tried really hard to be good today. I did really well. 

I was discussing with him the other day that I feel it is very challenging and easier to lose focus when juggling a full time career. Especially where I am the boss all day at work, and then flip the switch when I speak to him. I wonder if it would be easier to be a better submissive if I was able to have his house clean from working on it all day. Have his favorite meal prepped, and waiting for him to walk in that door to serve him. I wonder if it’s something I could even handle. I have worked all of my life, so who knows. I might freak out, lol.   

Anyways, back to reality. I am not that submissive good girl housewife. I am that bossy brat that tried real hard today to be a good girl. 


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