Sunday was NOT a funday

Bad day! I am so emotional today. I woke up having some pretty pain severe health problems today. I think this pain made me very emotional and sensitive. 

He woke up annoyed this morning. The combination was not good and I cried for stupid stuff. My health situation got bad enough where I decided to seek medical treatment. 

We spent a lot of the day getting medical treatment. I am home now. During the day though I was bored and waiting in the car, so I got on Facebook. I knew I was grounded, but I was bored. Well, because he said I directly disobeyed him, I got spanked tonight when we got home. I am laying in bed now with my shorts at my knees, a sore butt, and a bunch of regret. I think he is going to spank me again. I just want to go to sleep. I am sorry master, if you are reading this. I will be good and I love you like crazy. 


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