Bad girls get spanked

Well last night it didn’t end well for my butt. I have been doing bad stuff lately that I know better on. It’s strange because life happens and

I lose focus and just start making one bad decision that turns into another that turns into another. Now it is too the point of no return. I made health decisions and lied.

Because of how bad I have been lately, I got put over his knee. Shorts pulled down, but not off. Bare bottom in the air, face down in the bed, and I have to put my hands under his leg so I don’t do anything with them to avoid my punishment.

He put baby oil on my butt to protect my skin and to make it hurt differently. He then spanked me very concentrated on my sit spot with the red stick mostly. That thing stings. He didn’t hit too hard, so it lasted a long time. Just swat after swat in the same spots. When done I was allowed to pleasure him.

That was the fun part. Then I was allowed to pull-up my shorts and go to sleep.

This morning we woke up and then I went back to sleep when he was in the shower. I was supposed to be up and doing my nails. I really did misunderstand, but I still got spanked for being disobedient.

It looks like it is going to be a long weekend. Also, I am grounded for 100 days. I also have to blog daily. So count on hearing from me more often, since bad girls get spanked. And obviously I am a bad girl 😦



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