Spanked for a long time

Well it happened, I got a big and long spanking.  This punishment happened over the knee. I have not been following his rules, and I have been doing as I please.  So we got in bed and he made sure all sound proofing was ready and prepared.( so the kids don’t hear)  He spanked me with the bath brush, the red plastic thick stick, and the razor strop. Because I wiggled so much, he did this thing where I couldn’t pucker or tighten and if I did he would lightly touch my back with the tool he was using. If I didn’t relax , he spanked me harder. Getting spanked and being completely relaxed is very scary. When I tighten up I also can tighten up my emotions. But being relaxed and open and just taking it for 30-45 minutes was not fun. Swat after swat. Ouchie!

Today he said I had a better attitude, and I get tonight off of getting another one.  I hope I don’t get a spanking again like this one. It was a long time and emotional. This was not a fun spanking at all. I like the fun spankings, they make me horny. This one was a punishment spanking, and it felt like punishment. 


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