Busted! Straight busted!

Ok so I know I am in so much trouble right now. Honestly it’s so much trouble, it almost feels like I am going to get punished no matter how good or bad I am.

Let me explain that I don’t like to be bad or disappoint him. However, I also like to do what I want to do. So yesterday I went to get coffee with my daughter visiting me from out of town. When I was out we stopped somewhere and I bought something without permission. I told my daughter to back my story that she bought it for a smaller amount then I paid for it and that I talked her out of the item.

When we walked in the door with the item, and told the story he listened for a bit. He then asked me to repeat my last “line” I said because he didn’t hear. As soon as I heard him say this, I had a feeling he was on to us. A couple minutes later he looked at me and told me I was in trouble. He asked if I thought he was stupid, thinking he would believe that story. Busted!

So now I am grounded an additional week and I know I have a big trouble spanking coming my way. A big trouble spanking is pretty ugly and won’t stop until I cry real tears. I know that doesn’t seem so bad, but it takes so much for me to cry. I try my hardest to cry, to the point I fake cry. He knows the difference. So until I cry real tears, the spanking continues. Usually it means the belt and the razor strop. If you have ever been spanked with a razor strop, you know how bad it sucks.

I have cleaned the house tonight after work, let’s hope I can be super impressive good tonight so It is not so bad tonight. I have a stupid summer cold and just want to go to sleep. Wish me luck!



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