Spoiled and spanked

I got spanked last night and what was strange is I was actually mad at first. I know I am supposed to get in trouble every day because of being grounded, but sometimes life gets too busy, and I hadn’t had to be punished for a couple days. I guess I was counting on not being punished since it was already 10:00pm. So when I found out last night that I was getting spanked I was mad. I showed some attitude and I got put over his knee and spanked for about 45 minutes straight. He used a bath brush, he used his belt, this stupid red plastic ruler looking thing that sucks, and the worst of all of them:: the razor strop. I actually had little blisters on my butt. What was also crazy is I didn’t cry. I got close, very close… But no tears. 

To some this is very severe. In this type of lifestyle there are so many variations of severity. What might seem scarey and severe to me, is the norm to someone else. What might seem the norm to me, is scarey and severe to someone else. I think that’s why the agreed upon hard limits are so important. It is tailored to each individual couple. 

Now please don’t think that this relationship is one of abuse or is abusive in any way. It is consensual and R spoils me big time. He takes care of me in every way possible I can explain. He buys me gifts, and showers me with love and attention. He really is very good to me. He rubs my back when it’s sore, and pretty much dotes on me all the time. I also dote on him. But he also spanks me and punishes me when I break his rules. Our only issue is that his rules are really strict. 
When he told me last night that him spanking me is his gift to me…. I think that is what finalized the attitude that resulted in these little blisters on my butt. He rephrased, saying his protection and love is why he spanks me and this love and protection is his gift to me. Well I was already heated before he rephrased. Guess sometimes the bratty girl in me can’t hear anything past that point when I am mad. 


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