You guessed it- still in trouble

My master has a mentor who drives me crazy! He gives him all kinds of crazy strict advice. I think if he didn’t have this mentor, he would be easier to talk to about not having as crazy strict rules. I think that is why the following story is so extreme. 

Anyways, I recently broke lots of rules and these rule breaks affected my health. Well, I was originally assigned about 75 seats with every tool he has. Ok, that’s significant. But, I think his mentor talked him out of that plan. Because now he has said I am grounded to my room until September. This means When I get off work and I am home, I cannot leave my room without permission. I can’t even go to the bathroom without permission. I also will get spanked EVERY DAY I am grounded. Yikes!

So I am getting spanked until September! All because of his stupid mentor. 


5 thoughts on “You guessed it- still in trouble

  1. Thank you for following my blog. I’ve been thinking since yesterday on whether or not to say anything. I firmly advocate spanking in relationships as long as there are willing participants and set limits and/or a written contract. I am completely opposed to abuse of any kind. If I am misreading the tone and tenor of your recent posts then I apologize, but a Dom who does not give their sub an avenue to express concerns is not being careful enough. Having mentors is good provided the advice fits the profile of the DD dynamic. I sense you are both very frustrated currently and that can quickly spiral out of control and damage your relationship. One of the best at explaining DD in a blog is Jennifer and this link goes to their contract. I highly recommend both of you reading this.
    Again, if you are content with the dominance and are happy then I apologize for raising a non-existent concern.

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    1. Thank you so much for your feedback and concern. We do have a written agreement set up and he is within the limits of our agreement. I am frustrated because I feel his rules are too strict – he feels differently. He is saying that he is not changing them because he feels they protect me. I feel that we are not ready for that level of control with the busy life we lead. He says that I am basically trying to top from the bottom and the rules are his decision not mine. I feel it sets us up for failure. We just don’t agree on this and he feels we don’t need to agree.


  2. Lol. I know, I know; subs aren’t supposed to have an attitudes. But I do. I love being a sub, and his sub. Just also like venting frustrations in an anonymous venue.

    I would have rather been spanked then the stupid grounding for sure.

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