Omg! I was a good girl

So I posted a couple of days ago about being worried that I couldn’t keep my mouth shut during this birthday dinner party. Well, I am pleased to say: I actually was a good girl and kept my mouth shut! I don’t know how I did it, but I did!

As a reward, I don’t get spanked tonight. So I get to go to bed with a spank free butt! 

Trying to be good- it’s not easy!

So, I am in this situation where I have to keep my mouth shut when I just want to go off. It’s so hard to keep my mouth shut. 

I know if I go crazy on this girl, like I want to, then I know it will upset my daughter and my master said I will get in big trouble. 

So, Tuesday I have to go to a birthday party dinner and sit across the table from this f’ing Cu*t and try to keep my mouth shut and not embarrass everyone there. I am going to give it my best effort.  

Please don’t misunderstand; it very rarely occurs where this is my challenge. I can usually control my temper, but when somebody emotionally  hurts one of my kids to this point, it makes me daydream about doing physical and emotional harm to her. 

Hopefully this rant gets it out of my system. If not; Tuesday just might result in an embarrassed family, some jail time, and a sore butt😃

Saturday – hum drum Saturday

I have to blog everyday as part of my punishment. The problem with that is that some days I just don’t have much to say. 

Today has been wonderfully hum drum so far. We had a nice lunch, ran errands, and now going to work. So nothing really to say. 

Let’s hope this boring blog doesn’t get me in trouble. 

Ouchie, grrrrrr, ouchie

I got spanked for a really long time last night. But I didn’t cry. I couldn’t cry. It was strange. I was spanked long and hard and got to where I still didn’t care. I didn’t let down my walls enough to let the spanking hurt and feel the cleansing pain. I was irritated and annoyed and tired. 

This morning I woke up super feisty and bold. Well…. You guessed it…. I got spanked again. But this time it was a very much and I started to feel my walls slip away. I almost cried after only a small amount of swats. I got up and got ready for work, but I was way too open. I knew that I had a rough day ahead of me, as I was getting some results of a loved ones medical tests and my son was sick, plus I knew I had a very busy work day ahead of me. 

Tonight, after a long rough day, I spoke with him on my drive home from work. He was venting about my children again, and I just couldn’t take another complaint about my kids. I got upset and started to cry. Are you kidding me? My walls were down enough to allow myself to cry! Grrrrrrr! We talked and he realized my bad day and made me feel better. Later we ran to the store to pick up a couple things. When we got home, I went to make my son food and my adult son asked if I would make him some too. Well, my love got mad at me for agreeing to make my adult child dinner without asking him if he wanted it first. Needless to say, it sent me over the edge. As the night went on, it continued with him getting mad at what seemed like every little interaction or thing to do with my adult children. Then I got really upset to the point of crying again. We spent a long time discussing it and talking through it from both sides. 

I think we both are going to bed feeling better that we talked through it. We both have things to work on, which is what any good relationship needs. We love each other enough to try and be better for each other.  

Long  day

As I sit here, just getting into bed and dreading the spanking I am about to get, I am thinking about my day. 

It started first thing this morning, he blew up about dishes that didn’t get put away after I had a very sleepless and rough night, that always is a tough start. Then a problem with work before I even got there. Then all day work was dealing with issue after issue. Tonight we had major problems with one of our kids. Then another worry with a different one of our kids. Long day!!!!

Now I am just tired. I just want sleep. No stupid spankings, just sleep. I want to reset myself.  I am really in this state of stress and upset. Not calm and happy like I enjoy being. I have been just emotionally upset all day. Now there is no way that getting spankeon top of all this is going to help. I JUST WANT SLEEP!

Ever think…that girl needs a Dom?

Tonight we went to a work event and had dinner with coworkers. One of my coworkers made a complete fool of herself by getting really drunk and really beligerent. 

This particular coworker has made me think in the past that she needs a Dom. She makes poor decisions that affect her life and her health. Drinking so much could really harm her due to some major health problems she has. Then she was going drive drunk!

As I watched her make a fool of herself a couple things happened. First, I thought to myself that if I ever even acted half that bad, I would be in crazy huge trouble. And 2: she really needs a Dom because she NEEDS to be in crazy huge trouble. I think a Dom could save her life. 

Have you ever looked at someone and thought to yourself…..”that person needs their ass beat!”?