24/7 DD lifestyle

I will start this blog by introducing the relationship that me and my R have together. I don’t know what category our relationship falls under; bdsm, domestic disciple, taken in hand, or 24/7 total power exchange. It is a mix of a little bit of all of them.

How our relationship works is I have a set of rules and if I don’t follow them he has the power to punish me however he sees fit. I have a list of hard limits that he can’t cross and he has one hard limit I can’t cross. As long as he doesn’t break my hard limits he has 100% full control of my life and my consequences.

He is strict but he spoils me all the time too. He makes me feel loved and treasures and safe. I am sure many people would wonder how I could give another person that much control and feel safe. Let me explain ; by having set rules and limits I know he will never cross those. So I will never be truly hurt. He keeps me safe from myself and my own self destructive and irresponsible behavior.

Now, I am sure most would say that I am an adult and should be able to do that for myself. But here is the crazy thing; I wish I could. I wish I didn’t make stupid decisions and I thought things through more.  But I don’t. And I need that structure and disciple. He needs to have that control. We are both very smart professionals with children.

Our children don’t know, and we are very private about our lifestyle. I am sure they see that he is the head of the relationship.

it works for us and I love him and he loves me like crazy. We are so close and so in tune with each other and our needs. We are respectful and loving to each other. He leads by example.

Now, I am definitely a challenge as I have a big personality and I am always getting into some kind of trouble. I can’t wait to share those stories with you at a later time.


4 thoughts on “24/7 DD lifestyle

  1. I have difficulty with the concept of bratting, which I would define as intentionally displaying obnoxious, dishonorable, disobedient or dangerous behavior for the purpose of obtaining a spanking. Because she wants a spanking. In other words, bratting is an attempt to be rewarded for bad behavior.

    I have no problems administering punishment if it’s actually a punishment, but to give someone that which they crave is not punishment- it’s a reward. If someone desires a spanking from me, she will need to be a very good girl first…
    (All disclaimers apply, your kink is not my kink…)


  2. Thank you for your thoughts. However, it appears you do not understand me or my personality. I do not brat with the intent to get spanked. I get plenty of spankings and have no need to intentionally try to get them.

    I do understand why it might appear that way to you. However, if my master tried your concept of spanking me when good- well he would have a very bad girl on his hands. I do not brat to be disrespectful, it is just my personality type and my master helps me try and learn better self control.


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